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25 Healing MEALS
FREE GIFT#1 Eat Your Way Well
Now, in 25 Healing Meals, the Prevention food editors have combined these wondrous superfoods into delicious "healing meals" that help your body crush and repel specific medical conditions.

You'll find 25 meals in all, complete with easy step-by-step directions, plus 20 color photos to get your juices flowing.

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Now you can keep track of all your important health and fitness statistics with the Health Tracker. Think of it as your private, personal "health coach" that guides ? motivates ? and encourages you on a daily basis to reach your goals. Learn more, click here!

Created by health and fitness experts, the Health Tracker makes your progress and patterns easier to notice so you stay "on track."

Whether you want to increase your endurance, trim your tummy, lower your blood pressure, or just feel healthier, the Health Tracker will help you monitor your progress so you're sure to succeed.

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FREE GIFT#3 The Walker's Guide for Health and Fitness
Are you ready to get in shape but not sure how to begin? "Start walking," say the experts — because the results can be amazing.

Walking can help you lose twice as much weight as a diet-only or exercise-only plan can. It can also strengthen your heart ? sharpen your brain ? boost your energy ? lower your stress levels ? and improve your mood. That's why it's called "the near-perfect exercise"!

And it couldn't be easier — especially when you have Walk Your Way Thin as your guide. This handy 32-page personal "walking coach" covers all the helpful tips you'll need to get going — and keep with it.

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